Green Leaf

With today's high prices and competitiveness, many customers are returning to the primitive but time-honoured practice of living. Innovative, high quality and good value product has been a demand in every level of market. GreenLeaf believe to create basic and innovative product for convenience purposes. Market reseach is the first phase of product development stage. The purpose of market research is to gather all the information needed before stepping into the next phase.

The reason why market research is extremely important to Green Leaf is to ensure GreenLeaf will be able to deliver a product that suit perfectly to customer needed and demand. In the future, GreenLeaf will never stop to learn about our customers need and continue to provide new innovation which will deliver high quality products.

Company Background

GreenLeaf started as a family bussiness in 1998.Regardless the young age, GreenLeaf owes its success to the board of directors and manager who combine the new innovation and 30 over years of experience in plastic bussiness.

Vision Of Quality

Vision Of Quality is the fundamental in running the bussiness. The board of directors and managers share the same goal to create an excellent quality product, which fulfill the customers need.

Marketing & Product Development


GreenLeaf manufactures wide range of plastic products. A total of 1000 over items which consist of housewares, gardening, industrial and furniture. GreenLeaf distributes their product to all over Indonesia and the world. In fact, GreenLeaf is one major players in plastic industry in South East Asia. Our products distributes worldwide and the markets keep growing as the time passed by.